Work Overview

Greg began his career as an interactive developer at RWD Technologies on the east coast, building software prototypes and presentations as well as training modules and learning course templates. After relocating to Seattle, he spent four years developing and maintaining an ActionScript-based media sharing application at one-time startup His subsequent contract work included projects for Microsoft and Lexus Interactive. In 2007 he joined Smashing Ideas, where he programmed sites and activities for PBS Kids, Nick Jr., Mattel, Disney and American Greetings. Since 2012 Greg has focused primarily on eLearning development at CoMotion Innovation Learning at the University of Washington, where he authors learning content, administers Learning Management Systems, introduces new technologies to the content team, and manages the front-end code base for courses and client sites. 

Greg's personal career research includes xAPI and its potential applications for blended learning. He has also completed Coursera courses covering NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, and other support tools in the MEAN development stack. He holds a certificate in Technical Communication from the University of Washington.

Additional project details, links and screenshots are available on the Samples page.


University of Washington CoMotion Innovation

Build, evaluate, test and administer tools for marketing sites and online learning courses. Write HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Maintain multiple sites (WordPress and other content systems). Maintain domain registrations through commercial hosts and central UW resources. Migrate web sites and learning projects as needed. Guide clients through project transitions and migrations. Prepare layout templates for learning content manager(s). Create style guides and style sheets for online courses. Prototype and build interactive content with learning authoring tools, including Articulate Storyline and Elucidat. Convert older content to responsive or mobile-friendly formats. Coordinate or provide consultation on work of freelance developers. Advise project stakeholders on technical issues and processes. Research and discuss new technologies for the team, including authoring tools, administrative tools, learning management systems, SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can). Administer SharePoint intranet features.


Tools: HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, with jQuery, Bootstrap and other JavaScript libraries. Docebo and Instructure Canvas Learning Management Systems. Articulate Storyline and Elucidat learning authoring tools. SCORM packaging and tracking. Git (Bitbucket), Pivotal Tracker. Vzaar, Adobe Creative Suite and Audacity. WordPress and Drupal. Web administration utilizing AWS, WPEngine, DNSimple, and Dotster.

Smashing Ideas

Programmed games, activities and sites for kid-focused clients, including Nickelodeon, PBS, Out of the Blue, American Greetings, Mattel, Nintendo and Disney. Wrote ActionScript 3 code to save game, profile and badge data through APIs and content management systems. Supported a large team of designers, animators and producers on fast-paced entertainment projects with minimal direction. Prototyped animations and game features in the HTML5 Canvas. Guided the preparation of animation and design assets on a small team, from start to final build.


Tools: ActionScript 3, Flash, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Charles for web debugging and local mapping of in-progress resources. SVN for source control. Some Python.

Cricket Moon Media

Programmed kids' activities and games for Disney, Hasbro and Hit Entertainment. Worked from art comps and short descriptions, adding support for viewer-chosen elements, contextual help and interaction with on-screen characters or scenes. Provided email-a-friend and print functionality for viewer-created toys, recordings and character costumes. Refactored some older projects for cleaner separation of art and code. Coordinated asset setup on small project teams, typically with a Flash designer, an animator and a sound designer.


Tools: ActionScript, Flash, JavaScript and VSS.


Updated the Made By You (Indie Film Gallery) and Help features of the Converse web site ( Refactored the code for ActionScript updates and integrated it with a new site architecture.


Tools: ActionScript, Flash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and FogBugz.

Story Worldwide

Programmed Flash-based release of Lexus Magazine Interactive to incorporate flexible, portable, object-oriented ActionScript code. Worked closely with a designer to turn static comps into interactive articles throughout 2005. Developed video, audio and custom presentation controllers for easy reuse and maintenance. Wrote Perl scripts to automate merging of magazine text content into common HTML template structures. Converted Flash-based magazine to an HTML format that utilized AJAX and JavaScript animation.


Tools: ActionScript, Flash, HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with the Moo Tools, and Prototype JavaScript libraries for animated effects. Some Perl programming.


Wrote data-driven ActionScript for a pre-YouTube photo- and video-sharing subscription service. Used custom UI Components, Local Connection Object, Flash Remoting (AMF) and object-oriented techniques to realize a Flash-based front end from designers' mockups. Developed photo album playback, user album creation tool, security control panel and user gallery. Maintained and wrote Cold Fusion components to bridge a Flash front end with a mySQL database. Wrote Cold Fusion database migration scripts. Converted Perl and PHP scripts to Cold Fusion components.


Tools: ActionScript, Flash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Cold Fusion along with CVS and Bugzilla.

Envision Corporation

Developed interactive kiosk with some graphic production and web development. Created animations and information screens using Director for Nextech, a technical summit for high school students. Oversaw the integration of music, voice, Quicktime VR and video.


Tools: Lingo programming language, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Macromedia Director, Adobe Photoshop and other graphic production tools.

RWD Technologies (now GP Strategies)

Developed marketing presentations, software prototypes, training courses and templates, informational graphics, icons and other interactive materials. Programmed version 2.0 of RWD WILS, a training course template system, with Lingo and Macromedia Director.


Tools: Lingo programming language, Macromedia Director, Adobe Photoshop and other graphic production tools.