eLearning Development

Interactive Authoring

Front-end Development

Greg Schlimm is a Seattle-based developer of online courses, interactive modules, and web projects. His current effort at CoMotion Innovation (University of Washington) includes learning management system administration (Docebo and Canvas), interactive eLearning authoring, front-end web development, CMS maintenance, web administration, and other technical tasks to support small content-focused teams. For four years, Greg applied his mix of interactive and technical experiences to UW CoMotion online learning projects, largely supporting health care research teams. In 2017, he started supporting CoMotion’s marketing and advancement team. Please visit the Work page for more detail, or download a PDF Resume.

In his spare time, Greg is a guitarist and composer with a long-time interest in playing jazz-influenced music. He currently gigs about once per month with the band Todo Es, plays coffee shop duo gigs with vocalist Katy Webber, and occasionally supports other musicians in various genres and settings. He's finalizing an electronic composition and arranging project with a long-time friend and collaborator, guitarist and composer Clark Grogan.